These movies are most romantic films ever

Telugu Movies

Good vibes, good vibes. You don’t have to be a teenager to blush or smile while watching a romantic film. We all know that watching a romantic movie can certainly give you a hormonal boost that makes us feel good. You might have heard the phrase “Love is in the air,” and it may feel the same when you decide to watch a romantic film. Why watch a romantic movie? Well, because it makes you feel good. The feeling of love is youthful, and if you wish to watch romantic movies with your partner, it can create a bond between you two. According to some studies, watching a romance movie can release Oxytocin. However, you can download Telugu movies on the OTT platform and search for romance movies to enjoy with your partner. Moreover, some recommendations for romantic movies are Manmatha Leela and Manchi Rojulochaie.

The Bliss of Romance

Sweet-sweet romance, the bliss that makes you feel like you are moving through the air, floating like a swan. Yes, you may be one of those no matter how old they are, still giggles like a teenager while watching romantic scenes and movies. These Telugu movies hold the power to make you go through a myriad of emotional coasters.

·         Manmatha Leela

The story of Manmatha Leela has two phases of life with a ten years gap. The first phase shows how Sathya is a spoiled kid who always is into meeting and dating people online. He meets a girl, “Poorni,” and things ended badly. While in the second phase of life, he is a successful fashion entrepreneur, willing to open his fashion outlets in Dubai. The situation gets twisted his both phase starts to get mixed up.

·         Manchi Rojulochaie

The movie for plays the story of two lovers who are deeply in love with each other. Padma’s father poses a couple of challenges to them, as he is against their marriage. The conflict between the young couple and old Gopal takes a comical and emotional sequence throughout the movie. The way those couples put a subtle effect on the plot through their acting and charm makes the movie swoon-worthy.

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